A collaboration with the botanical garden « Orchard of Flavours »

Exotic fruit trees - In collaboration with Orchard of flavours

On this page, we are pleased to present a selection of exotic fruit trees result our collaboration with the Portuguese botanical garden Orchard of flavours and its founder Miguel Cotton. .

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    Orchard of flavors: a unique botanical garden

    Created in 2019, The Botanical Garden is located in the Algarve, in southern Portugal. More than 200 varieties of exotic fruit trees are already present there.
    The project is based on a simple idea: to grow as many varieties of exotic fruit trees as possible on European soil, using agroecology, in order to validate their ability to adapt to our latitudes. The approach is totally altruistic, with the knowledge thus acquired shared with all.

    A collaboration born of an encounter

    It all began in April 2021, when we saw orders pouring in from Portugal. Who, among others, could order ALL our exotic fruit tree varieties in quantities? Since curiosity isn't always a bad thing, we contacted this prodigal customer and had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Cotton, founder of Orchard of Flavours.

    We were amazed by his enthusiasm, botanical knowledge and sense of humor. After sharing information, exchanging sending seeds and cuttings, a collaboration became quickly established.

    Miguel and we are proud to unveil it here.

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