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Tropical ornamantal plants and vines for your bathroom

When we talk about exotic indoor plants, we usually think of our verandas and other living rooms. But the bathroom is also a room that can be decorated with plants, and tropical plants in particular! All you need is the right amount of light (unfortunately, they won't do well in a windowless bathroom) and the right plants. (Continued at bottom of page)

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    What are the best bathroom plants??

    The principle of a bathroom is high hydrometry. However, we tend to think that all tropical plants like humidity, which is not the case. Some are desert plants, others store water in their trunks and rot if the ambient humidity is too high, while others have fragile foliage and high humidity favors fungal diseases and mites...

    We can distinguish two main types of bathroom plants: house plants with thick foliage, and certain climbing plants.

    Bathroom plants with thick foliage

    Thick leaves are going to have a double advantage in a bathroom environment : they'll be more resistant to mold and attacks from undesirables like dust mites or red spiders, and they don't need bright light, which is often the case in our indoor water features! The choice is vast, from palm-like Giant Dioon to bright, colorful foliage like Boat lily and Ti plant, from small, fast-blooming plants like Leopard lily  to depolluting plants like Elephant's foot plant ...

    Bathroom vining plants

    Climbing plants will quickly be able to give a tropical look to your bathroom and have the advantage of decorating a large surface, from floor to ceiling, or running on wires stretched over the walls of your shower... You'll need to plan where you want them to flourish by tending supports on which they can cling. Some are equipped with tendrils and can cling to your supports on their own, while others need help by being coiled or attached to the supports. The best-known of these is Monstera deliciosa, but Passiflora and Madagascar Jasmine will also add a touch of fragrance to your bathroom.

    The Vanilla plant, so hard to find, offers an ideal combo. It's a thick-leaved climber that likes humidity and bright rooms, but no direct sun.

    Exotic plants for large bathrooms

    Finally, for those with a large bathroom, don't hesitate to try Giant white bird of paradise or Traveler's Trees, they'll take their place there with panache and make the perfect tropical decoration!

    So there's no need to invest in a terrarium to give your bathroom an exotic look - the atmosphere is just right for this selection of plants!... with leaves!

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