A nap in the shade

Our hardy, frost resistant tropical trees for your garden.

What could be more pleasant than a shady garden, to be able to enjoy the torpor of siestas on long summer afternoons under the softness of life-saving shade ? (Continued below)

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    Trees for shade due to their habit

    Some tropical trees are naturally made to provide pleasant shade, thanks to their regular, symmetrical silhouette, such as the Chinese honey locust or Tamarind tree. When it comes to shade trees, the density of their foliage should also be taken into account: if you want light shade, with the sun's rays playing through the leaves, opt for a tree with light, widely-spaced cut leaves, which the wind can play with, such as the Kapok tree. For dense shade, on the other hand, for those afraid of the sun or to acclimatize shade plants at the foot of the tree, for example, opt for a Canary Island Dragon Tree, with stiff, tightly-spaced leaves.

    Fruit trees, pruned to keep them at a reasonable height so you can pick the fruit, also make good shade trees. Brazilian cherry tree, Kei apple tree and Jamun tree will delight your taste buds while keeping an eye on your naps.

    Fast-growing shade trees

    You can also choose a shade tree by its speed of growth, so you'll be able to enjoy it quickly. An Erythrina or a Persian Lilac are ideal fast-growing trees! To encourage your tree's growth, give it regular watering during the first few years of its life, and don't forget to loosen the soil before planting, then at the foot of the trunk as soon as the soil surface hardens, so that water can properly infiltrate. Don't forget that a tree not only grows in the air, but also in the soil through its root system!

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