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Exotic trees and plants for the garden

Avoir un jardin secret" ("Have a secret garden"), "cultiver son jardin" ("cultivate your garden ") - many expressions in the French language recall the almost intimate nature of our little paradises.
It's a place to recharge your batteries, reflect, have fun, eat and love, preferably away from the gaze of others.
Artificial solutions (fences, heather, etc.) can of course be used, but a planted privacy screen has a completely different charm.
Bushy or slender trees, opaque hedges, voluble climbers - with the varieties of tropical plants presented in this category, you'll no longer need to share your privacy with adorable little Kevin.
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    Which privacy tree to choose?

    Of course, it will have to grow fast, like the Chinaberry tree, but there are other criteria to consider. There are several categories of tree that can be used to hide from neighbors and create privacy in your garden or on your property. Here are just a few examples:

    Hardy tropical evergreen trees

    Evergreen trees retain their leaves all year round, which means they offer protection from prying eyes even during the winter months. Conifers such as pines, cypresses, cedars and spruces are good examples of evergreens that can be used as privacy screens. And why not add graphics to the qualities of your new ally? Choose Monkey puzzle tree.

    Dense-growing trees

    Dense-growing trees with tightly packed branches and leaves can be used to create an effective natural screen. The Pomegranate tree fits perfectly into this category. And, in addition to a little peace and quiet, it'll give you flowers and fruit ...

    Large trees

    Patience is the key with these trees, but what better way to break up the view from neighbors in a dominant position? So, Silk floss tree or Gingko, you'll have to choose, or not!

    It's important to consider the tree's height, density and crown width. Growing conditions in your region should also be taken into account before choosing trees, to create a privacy screen.

    Shrubs: a hedge as a privacy screen

    Trimmed into hedges, shrubs are another excellent option for hiding from neighbors. You can, of course, turn to classics such as Portuguese laurel, Leyland cypress or privet, but why not add a touch of the exotic with American beautyberry and its fun winter purple berries, or the Madre de cacao and its spectacular pink bloom? Planted in tight rows, they create a dense, verdant screen, providing the best protection against prying eyes.

    Climbers: ideal for isolating terraces

    Thanks to their rapid growth and dense foliage, climbing plants are also an excellent option for hiding from the neighbors. On a terrace or in a garden, they'll brighten up trellises, fences or pergolas to form a dense plant screen. You can also plant them in pots and climb them on movable trellises for added flexibility. In our collection, you can choose between the original Corkscrew Vine, the delicate Pink coral vine or the all-too rare Wild Wisteria Climber.

    Easy to prune, easy to guide...they're the ideal ally!

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