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Tropical plants

Ah, tropical plants... They make us dream... travel... They give us a change of scenery, bring a taste of far away and bring originality to our gardens and interiors!

What is a tropical plant?

Is it synonymous with an exotic plant? Is what's tropical exotic and vice versa?

Let's try to find our way through this jungle: strictly speaking, the term "tropical" applies to plants from the area of the planet known as tropical. We are talking about the strip of land located between the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south, on either side of the Equator. As for the term "exotic", it means in a broader way "which comes from a foreign country".

Thus a plant originating from Madagascar is without question a tropical plant (the Tropic of Capricorn passing in the south of Madagascar, being even represented by an amusing stele with "horns"), and this tropical plant can be qualified for us, Europeans, as exotic; on the other hand, it is not exotic for the Madagascans... But the current language has little by little brought them together and confounded. The only real certainty remaining that, tropical or exotic, they are considered the most beautiful flowers in the world!

How to create your tropical garden?

Can I create a tropical corner in my garden without the plants freezing? Will tropical plants fit in my home? Do I have enough light or space to accommodate them?

Don't worry, whether you want to create an hardy exotic garden or a jungle effect in your home, whether you want to grow your tropical plants in a pot indoors, in a greenhouse, in a veranda or to plant them outdoors, everyone will find the plants that suit them, given their infinite diversity.

Everything is possible with tropical plants! You can create a rainforest effect in your living room with those with graphic foliage, or create a cabinet of curiosities in your veranda with the rarest ones. You can run tropical climbing plants to beautify a dividing wall with your neighbor, or create a green roof to your shower. You can surprise your visitors by concocting an exotic bed, only your imagination will set the limits!

I'm looking for a special tropical plant!

Like the botanist explorers of past centuries, we are tirelessly seeking to enrich our collection of tropical plants, trees and flowers. We wish to offer you, within reach of a click, an emotion like James Cook discovering the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia, covered not with stone columns as he initially believed, but with majestic Araucarias! You will find in our botanical collection the most famous tropical plants, Frangipani trees, Traveler's trees, African baobab.... You will be able to discover surprising exotic plants, Boophone plants, Corkscrew albucca, Tortoise plant... But you will also be able to find coveted nuggets, such as Gardenia taitensis and Etlingera eliator...

So don't hesitate to come back regularly to our New Products page, and to let us know what you are looking for!

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