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    Tropical fruit trees and spectacular flowers

    Tropical plants stimulate our sight with their graphic silhouette, exotic foliage and spectacular flowers, they also enchant our sense of smell with their bewitching fragrances, but, with tropical fruit trees, fly to the land of taste sensations: let yourself be surprised by the richness of the taste of the Toad Tree fruit, discover the amazing Brazilian Cherries; spice up your dishes with a pink berry from the Peruvian pepper tree or embellish your appetizer with Cashew nuts...

    The influence of fruits on health is discreet; it is especially by their absence that we notice the damage, like the sailors who died of scurvy for lack of vitamins! In addition to vitamins, fruit trees and their fruits provide fiber and anti-oxidants, which not only play a role in the prevention of disease, but also delay aging and provide beautiful skin. You will find in our selection of great classics such as the delicious passion fruit, the delicate papaya or the supercharged pomegranate, but also original and rare fruit trees such as the  Emblic tree or the  Calabash tree.

    Hardy fruit tree or frosty fruit tree for indoor ?

    Of course, the big question before buying tropical fruit trees online is their hardiness. Are they cold hardy to be grown in the garden or frosty to be grown indoors? Here again we have tried to be complete. Pomegranate, Jujube or Paw paw are true hardy fruit trees, able to resist the most extreme cold. On the other hand, it is in the warmth of your interior  that during the winter the Soursop tree  or the Vanilla tree will flourish.

    Citrus fruits will appreciate spending the winter in a cold room. 

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