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Rare tropical flowers grown in France

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    A collection of rare tropical flowers

    What would we do without flowers? They accompany us everywhere: under your window with the Leopard lily, at the bottom of the garden with the Cockspur coral tree, in your living room with the parrot's beak of the Bird of Paradise, in your bathroom where the snail flowers of the Corkscrew vine will climb on your shower walls... With their variety of colors, shapes and scents, flowers are representative of our emotions and have always been cultivated to accompany the events that mark our lives. Thanks, celebrations, seduction, mourning ... they remain present at our side. However, tropical flowers are less sentimental than we are: they always try to start their blooming at the best time and evaluate the best moment for their reproduction and therefore for the dispersion of their seeds by the length of the day and the changes in temperature!

    Tropical flowers for the garden

    The splendor of tropical flowers is not limited to your greenhouse or veranda. Many of our hardy varieties and exotic trees have nothing to envy to greenhouse flowers and can come to sublimate massifs as well as flowerbeds and offer the most spectacular blooms. So, spoil the bees with the Tower of jewels plant, try an hardy flamboyant tree with the Caesalpinia gilliesii or surprise young and old alike with the rare exotic flower of the Kalahari Christmas Tree.

    Exotic flowers for the interior

    Will you be tempted by the enchanting scent of the Tahitian gardenia ? Will you fall for the almost unreal beauty of the Porcelain Rose? Do you prefer the blue of the Jacaranda or the scarlet of the Royal poinciana? Buying plants online brings with it some difficult choices.

    Our collection includes many ornamantal plants, trees and shrubs with rare and original tropical flowers. They will flourish in the warmth of your living room, conservatory or greenhouse.

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